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Joyce Hamilton was involved in a car accident, which fractured her ribs.


On Oct. 7, 2017, Hamilton came to Life Care Center of Florissant, Missouri, for rehabilitation. She required minimal assistance with much of her self-care, including grooming, bathing and getting dressed. She also needed some help to walk, stand up and transfer from one surface to another.


“On admission, I arrived in a wheelchair,” Hamilton said. “It hurt to stand and to lie down.”


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Hamilton six days a week. She used the NuStep® recumbent bicycle and Omnicycle machine to exercise and rebuild strength and endurance, as well as hand and ankle weights. Therapists helped her practice walking on the parallel bars and finally even on the stairs.


“After two weeks of physical and occupational therapy, I can now walk often without a walker, bathe and do other activities,” Hamilton said. “I have barely any pain now!”


Hamilton returned home on Oct. 21 and is independent again.